[ In his own words ]


Fashion show production can be a challenging, but very rewarding business.  I love what I do and I love the whole creative process.  Runway shows excite me because I get to be creative in so many ways!

If you were to ask me what rules I live by in production, I’d say be as prepared as possible and remain flexible.  As a producer, I’m there to help my clients carry out their vision of what they want their show to be and bring ideas to the table that support their vision.  It’s really important to me that they know that I have their back.  The lead up process is just as important as the final event.

I love the idea that you can make something out of nothing or you can take something average and make it beautiful.   I love the movement and energy of a great runway show. I love art and the unexpected so I’m crazy about finding ways to incorporate these into my shows and events. A good runway show can be magic!

Inspiration comes to me in many ways.  In the big picture, I’m really inspired by nature. On the other hand, I can easily get inspired from the little things – like someone that I think is a true individual walking down the street in a unique outfit.  I never know what’s going to light me up before those creative inklings start pouring in!